How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost You Without Apple Care?

Consumers know to take good care of their phones, but accidents do happen. When the screen of your iPhone gets cracked, you are going to want to get it fixed. How much does that cost? It first depends on whether or not you have Apple Care. Is your phone still under warranty? Let’s take a look at the average expected costs for iPhone screen repair. The Cost we used was pulled out from the iPhone Wizard website.

As you can imagine, it also depends on which version of the iPhone you have, except for when you’re talking about counting on Apple Care. According to Apple, consumers are charged $29 for iPhone screen repair when Apple Care is in play. Yet when a phone is out of warranty, screen repair can cost different amounts based on the version of the iPhone.

You can imagine that’s the case because of a few different reasons. Screen size is one of the most obvious factors, but there are also different technologies in play. Plus some of the phones are older, and their screens are just less expensive. Based on the type of iPhone you have, what are you going to have to pay for screen repair?

Let’s start with the iPhone X. If you have an iPhone X that is out of warranty, the screen repair is going to cost you around $279. That seems a little expensive, doesn’t it? That’s almost a third of the price of the phone. It just goes to show how important it is to take care of your phone and how important Apple Care can be in terms of costs when accidents happen.

For the iPhone 8 Plus, you pay about $100 less if the screen needs repaired. The same goes for the 7 Plus and the 6s Plus. For the regular versions of those iPhones, you would pay around $149 for screen repairs. Apple also quotes a price for repairing the screen for the iPhone 6 and SE, and that price is $129.

Can you repair the screen for cheaper if you use a company besides Apple? It’s probably best to use Apple, and they do have stores available nationwide. You often find the Apple stores in malls. If you don’t want to make your way to the Apple Store, you can also send your phone to the company for repairs.

It appears that the cost of screen repairs has risen in recent years. Naturally, it costs more to fix the newer models as mentioned. But the rise in costs is across the board. In fact, one source points out that it seems as though Apple has started charging about $20 more for screen repairs.

Now you at least know what you might have to pay to have the screen on your iPhone replaced. You know what version of the iPhone you have, and hopefully you have Apple Care. If you don’t have Apple Care, then the prices mentioned above are what you can expect to pay. It’s unfortunate that a cracked screen costs so much, but at least you don’t have to buy a new phone.